Chapter I - Watch 101

Section IV - Selecting a Watch

How to Select a Watch

Up to this point, we still have a question not answered, i.e., how to select a watch? The easiest way is to get what you like. But since we have talked about so many topics about watches, I believe you already have considerable knowledge for making a good decision. If you are still confused, you can try making a choice by answering the following questions:

By answering just two or three of the above and you should have very little choices left to choose from. If you still cannot pick a favorite one after answering all of the above, then you can check out some watch forums and take a look at other people's opinions. You can also raise your question and watch enthusiasts from the forum will be able to give you some advices worth considering. is one of the prestigious watches websites and forums that you may want to check out. We, hereby, wish you all can select a watch you like and can gradually become a watch enthusiast or collector.