Chapter I - Watch 101

Section II - Reasons for Purchasing Watches

The Reasons for Each Purchase of Watches

Back to the point, why there are so many reasons for buying watches? Let us discuss further on these reasons one by one.

Status / Taste symbol

Since born, we have the desire to stand out from the crowd. Watches made or manufactured by big brands or independent watchmakers usually has high price tag, ranging from thousands of US dollars to millions of US dollars. Besides, the more complicated the watch is made, the less quantity of it is produced, and its quantity can be limited to hundreds or as small as a few pieces. There are also special or limited edition that could not be purchased and one has to meet with certain requirements or has certain privilege in order to obtain one of them. Wearing these kinds of rare watches, people can ensure that they will not easily encounter someone with the same watch, and thus, can stand out from others by showing a better taste or status. If we can only judge a person from his or her appearance, then articles like shoes and watches can sure give us lots of hints.

Fashion or Style

In addition to timekeeping, the functions of watches in today's society most often has extended to styling and be used as fashionable accessories for outfits. Even as a small piece of accessary, if nicely wore and matched, it can enhance the beauty of the overall look and style. For instance, a classy style wristwatch matches with an elegant and crispy suit will give a mature gentleman look with grounding; a sporty watch goes with loose and comfortable outfits will give people a casual and relaxed impression. Since 2000, the trend of integrating watches in fashion has become more apparent. Many traditional fashion brands have joined the family of watch industry. More and more bold and trendy elements, thereafter, have been implemented in watch design which, in turn, indicates the progress of economy and civilization.


Wearing different watches or wearing a watch in different ways will demonstrate different attitudes: classy, robust, athletic, elegant, and etc. For example, those who like diving watch give people an impression of a relaxed and nature loving attitude; those who like military watch demonstrate a masculine attitudes. Wearing a watch usually give people an impression of having a sense of time and being punctual. Furthermore, different ways in tuning or setting time can also reveal different kinds of life attitude. Some people like to set the time of their watch 15 minutes forward, this however give people an impression that they wanted to be punctual, but often ended up being late and are poor in time management. On the other hand, people with a particular attitude usually go for a particular style of watches.

Look for Functions

Since 19th century, due to advances in technology and civilization, people are no longer satisfied with the timekeeping function of a watch. Different features, therefore, are developed to meet with different needs. In 1821, it was because Nicholas Rieussec loved horse racing, Chronograph was invented. Since 1940s, travel distance of a flight has become farther and farther, the demand for timekeeping for different time zones has greatly increased that Pan American World Airways, during 1950s, asked Rolex to create a watch that can simultaneously shows the time of two different places with different time zones, and thus the first GMT watch was born. Rolex's Explorer, with features of functioning in extreme temperature and unfavourable environment, was developed to witness the first two explorers, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, reaching the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, just to name a few. There were also different functions developed for pilot watches, marine watches, diving watches, etc. Up-to-date, electronics development is still advancing, which makes watch functions comparable to functions of computers from earlier generation! Sports watches which become popular nowadays have features including heart rate monitor, pacer alert, altimeter, GPS tracker, and etc. Watch is no longer just a watch! Will smartwatch become the next watch trend? Well, in fact, some watch features does not really have any practical use now. Tourbillon, one of the three main watch mechanisms, is now valued more for its craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal than for its practical value.

Investment / Hedging

Value of expensive or rare watches usually will not drop much. Some will even rise in value, especially those rare or with historical value. Especially when economy flourishes, trading of rare and historical timepiece and rising of its values will become even more vigorous. So if one has good knowledge about watches, timepiece could also be a good investment choice.

Time Telling

Getting back to the basic reason for buying a watch, it is simply used for telling the time. Although there are many ways to tell the time today, the most convenient way, indeed, is to glance it from your wristwatch.

Simply Love Watches

There is reason for and background behind the birth of each watch; therefore, every watch has its significance of existence. People’s appreciation for their watch usually come with a story: maybe they value the historical background of the watch; maybe they appreciate the craftsmanship and features of the watch; maybe they appreciate its concept and design; or maybe they much appreciated its commemorative value. For instance, people may have a special feeling attached to their timepieces which commemorate their graduation from college or wedding. Whatever the reason is, loving the watch itself is already a reason sufficient enough for owning that watch.

No matter what reason you have for buying a watch, we want everyone to gradually learn how to appreciate each watch by learning more about the story behind it, and hopefully, you can also become a watch enthusiast or collector in the near future.