SoRa - Airport Tribute Series

Along with the development of the aviation industry, distances between people had been greatly shortened. A wide variety of business and cultural activities were able to communicate frequently around the world. Since 1903, more and more flights have been successful, leading to more and more people trying to experience the taste of flying. Then in 1914, the first commercial flight took place. The biplane, Benoist XIV, piloted by Tony Jannus carried the world's first passenger from St. Petersburg to Tampa. At that time, the price was 400 US dollars, which is almost equivalent to today's 10,000 US dollars! Since that time, we have officially begun to have air travel and airmail, and the speed of development of the entire aviation industry has also accelerated. Behind all this, besides aviation technology, airports also play an important role.

Airports have over 100 years of history and they are necessary facilities for modern air transportation. To show our respect for airports, we chose a story-telling airport for each place in the world and made it into an Airport Tribute Series artistic watches.

This is the second crossover project with ypluss7880. The dial of each of the Airport Tribute Series is handcrafted by yplus7880, so each of them is so exquisite and unique

Airport Tribute
Kai Tak Airport (Hong Kong) - Day Version
Airport Tribute
Kai Tak Airport (Hong Kong) - Night Version