Yplus7880 is a young couple of artists, Yui and GaGa, who specialized in handcrafted artworks. With their passions and skills in art, also with their creative minds, you will love their creations at the first sight!

“We love leather, and we use our unique design and drawing techniques to add details to our creations. Combining arts and crafts and become our unique products.

We live in the world of creation. Our world was not limited by time, the past suddenly reappear, walk through the street that seem to be walked before, we arrived the colourful fantastic wonderland. The past can be the future, this moment was not present. Our artwork is the key to our world . . .

Surreal fantastic wonderland, past and future in the same moment.” is how they introduce themselves.

We are honored to invite Yplus7880 to cooperate with us in crossover projects.


My path to become an Artisan is quite complicated. Since I was four, I learn from my father about art as he is an advertising artists. Since then, I bring with me a little booklet and draw everywhere. In the meantime, I have a wide range of interests from wildlife, scale models, RC models to nature and universe. I was once dream of being a wildlife photographer, however, I never have a clear answer about what I want to become.

During teenage, I keep meandering between lots of interests and activities, but what I never drop was drawing, I also work in my father’s studio sometime. It seems that I am born with that ability and I need to keep practicing my skill and prepare for the future.

Due to long term career consideration, I study sciences in college, and eventually I study Earth Sciences and work as a Geologist as my first job.

However, after working in the ground investigation industry for two years, I discovered that what I truly love was art and design, so, I start my plan to change my career towards arts. I learned 3D animation, Script writing and then Graphic Design. And after another two years, I tried graphic designer, exhibition designer, and soon I found that I am rather artistic than design. As I couldn’t find a job that could fully express my creativity, I need to create a job for myself, and the best way that I could start immediately was handicraft.

I want to make something that is different from accessories but still have similar function and even more space for development. That’s why I choose to work on watches. Then, I spent two months in studying how a watch was made, I disassemble and reassemble many watches, both quartz and mechanical watches. I destroyed a lot of watches mean while I got a lot of experience.

I customize my first watch in 2010, and since then, I keep learning through testing a lot of different materials and techniques in making the watch dial and leather strap. And, this is the point I found that it is all of my past experiences altogether to make it happen.

From 2010 to 2015, I’ve made hundreds of unique handmade watch dial. I keep improving my skill level, and this year, I am honor to have a crossover project with DELTAt watches. And this would certainly one of the most interesting project I ever have, look forward to our future development.

Special thanks to my parents:

One of the very important activities that not many fathers would play with their child was… disassembling of electrical appliance. We tried quite a lot of things, TV, tape recorder, video recorder, fan, refrigerator, computer, phone, mp3, hard disk . . . This really open my eyes and give me the self-taught ability. This is also one of the most important gifts that make me able to become an Artisan.

On the other hand, my mom teach me to become a tough person through supporting me in doing what I really want, and being patient when I am in the wrong path. This is another important gift to me which make me not to give up when I face difficulties and stay calm and patient in finding solution.

Now, I am ready, I would use all of my abilities to create the greatest works of mine, and all of my achievement will be also the achievement of my parents.

The First Flight
Airport Tribute